British citizen Rachel is polyglot and peripatetic, with a deep love for Israel – traits that make her an ideal Mossad agent. Recruited by a Berlin-based British Jew, Thomas, she is sent to Tehran to spy on businessman Farhad. Blending in at first, she soon falls for – and starts a passionate affair with – Farhad, a transgression that threatens to blow her cover and puts both their lives at risk. Based on Israeli novel The English Teacher and featuring a stellar Israeliand international cast, led by Diane Kruger and Martin Freeman, The Operative asks which is more powerful – service to nation or love?

Official Selection – Berlin International Film Festival 2019

The Operative plays out like a personal drama as much as an international action potboiler.” Little White Lies


14 Nov


London Picturehouse Central

Sponsors: Susan and John Reizenstein, Carmel and Emanuel Mond

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24 Nov


Cambridge Arts Picturehouse

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11 Dec


York City Screen Picturehouse

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