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The Birdcatcher

Esther, a Jewish-Norwegian teenager, escapes the Nazis and winds up on an occupied farm, where she pretends to be a boy. Suspenseful and chilling, The Birdcatcher sheds light on the little-known plight of Norwegian Jews during the war.

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From the writers of Shtisel comes this gripping dystopian thriller series. Autonomies imagines a reality in which Israel is split into two separate entities: one secular and one ultra-orthodox.

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Shelter. A retired Mossad agent, is drawn back into service to protect a Lebanese collaborator brought to a safe house in Hamburg. A suspenseful psychological thriller from Eran Riklis.

The Operative

Starring Martin Freeman and Diane Kruger, a powerful love story based on an Israeli novel, Rachel is recruited as the ideal Mossad agent, only to be faced with the crux of choosing between nation or the man she falls in love with.

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