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Followed by Q&A with Hanna Diamond, Professor of French History at Cardiff University.

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Hanna Diamond

Hanna Diamond is Professor of French at Cardiff University. She has published widely on France and the Second World War. She mobilises a variety of sources to explore people’s everyday lives of the period. Her monograph Fleeing Hitler: France 1940(OUP, 2007) examines the impact of the German invasion and the flight of civilians.

Films screening at this event

Monkey Business

Ema Ryan Yamazaki
77 min

This gorgeous documentary charts the adventurous lives of Hans and Margaret Rey and their iconic creation, Curious George. Both were born in Germany and had lived in Brazil and France (which they escaped at the eleventh hour) before they finally settled in the US. There, their French-born cute monkey became the global phenomenon we know and love today. With narration by Hollywood actor Sam Waterston and lovely animation this film is as charming as the beloved primate it celebrates.