A favourite of any cinematic genre- the thrilling spy film- confronts real life case studies of people that defied their circumstance and the odds, risking their lives for a higher cause. From a fictional story of a Mossad agent whose emotions threaten to shatter her cover, to documentaries on dissidents who didn’t let anything quell their fight for freedom, to uncovering the story of the Jewish players within the Rivonia trial, these films are all united in their quest for truth.

The Operative

A powerful love story based on an Israeli novel, Rachel is recruited as the ideal Mossad agent, only to be faced with the crux of choosing between nation or the man she falls in love with.

From Slavery To Freedom

The powerful story of the Refuseniks, the group of dissident Soviet Jews who were not only stopped from finding refuge in the new Jewish state, but also endured horrendous suffering.

Chichinette: The Accidental Spy

The remarkable story of Marthe Cohn’s recruitment as a spy inside Nazi Germany during the Second World War, where as a young French Jewish girl undercover she gathered intelligence for the French Army.

The State Against Mandela and the Others

Archival footage and animation bring to life the 1963-1964 Rivonia trial against Nelson Mandela, shining a light on the Jewish players in the watershed moment of Apartheid.

Anniversary Screenings

We have 5 well-loved films celebrating significant anniversaries this year, most notably 20 years since the Oscar-nominated Solomon & Gaenor was released.

Heroic Acts

These films all offer a glimmer of optimism even within the darkest of times, with the willingness of some people to stage rescue operations during the Holocaust resulting in the saved lives of many.

A History Of Politics

We offer an intriguing range of films that examine the gamut of the Israeli political landscape, as well as the European refugee crisis.