The last instalment in Yaron Shani’s Love Trilogy explores Avigail’s budding friendship with Yael at the same time that her relationship with Rashi is unravelling. Yael, whose father is cared for at the hospice Avigail works at as a nurse, longs for a child but is also terrified by the prospect of becoming a parent. In the meantime, she struggles to come to terms with her father’s illness or improve the painful relationship she has with her sister Naama, a sex worker who is desperate to be loved. Facing their respective bleak realities, the three women try as hard as they can to be there for one another. Like Stripped and Chained, Reborn is an extremely poignant and immersive cinematic experience.

Winner – Best Film, Best Cinematography & Best Actress, Haifa International Film Festival 2019