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Followed by a Q&A with Yaron Shani.

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Yaron Shani

Born in 1973, Shani is a graduate of Tel Aviv University Film Department. His debut feature length film Ajami (2009, co-created with Scandar Copti) was an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film; it has received a special distinction in Cannes, and dozens of Israeli and international awards. Since 2012, Shani is working on his highly ambitious project – Love Trilogy – a world of intertwined human stories.

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Yaron Shani
Laliv Sivan, Bar Gottfried, Elad Shniderman, Reni Halabi
Germany, Israel
120 min

Despite the success of her new novel, Alice experiences a nervous breakdown, whose roots are unclear but may have something to do with reports on a serial rapist on the loose in Tel Aviv. Ziv, who lives with his parents across the street from Alice, is a young and gifted musician whose dream of becoming a professional player is in jeopardy due to his imminent army service. When the two meet to discuss a new documentary Alice is working on, they instantly connect, but the effect they have on one another proves much more destructive than either can possibly imagine. With remarkable performances and a complex non-linear narrative, the first instalment in Shani’s trilogy is an unforgettable cinematic tour de force.

Winner – Best Actress, Haifa International Film Festival 2018

Nominated – Best Film, Venice International Film Festival 2018

Nominated – Best Director, Best Actress, Best Sound & Best Casting, Israeli Film Academy Awards 2018

“The stories are credible, well-told and engrossing.” – Haaretz