“Exquisitely acted, radiantly shot, and delicately nuanced… Burshtein has achieved a gripping film without victims or villains, an ambiguous tragedy drawing on universal themes of love and loss, self-sacrifice and self-preservation.” – Boston Globe

“It’s worth contemplating parallels between Burshtein’s expertly written characters and the figures populating the novels of Jane Austen.” – Variety

The extraordinary film that won Best Actress for Hadas Yaron at the Venice Film Festival, first time director Rami Burshtein brings her insider’s knowledge of the Haredi community to this engrossing family drama.

Eighteen year old Shira is about to be married off to a suitable young man when the death of her sister, whilst giving birth to her first child, postpones the wedding and grief overwhelms the family. Her mother now looks to Shira to marry her bereaved brother-in-law instead and the pressure builds as Shira is caught up in an uncomfortable personal dilemma.

A fascinating and compelling portrait of the pressures and rules of this closed society versus the desires of the heart.