UK Premiere 

Like their American counterparts the Kennedys, the Dayan family has been seen as Israel’s unanointed royalty, a noble clan whose countless dramas and sharp vicissitudes of fortune have continued to grip the nation long after the death of its linchpin, the iconic one-eyed army general Moshe Dayan. Lurking behind the near-perfect façade, however, were the demons of depression, suicide, addiction and adultery, pounced upon by the hungry and merciless press. Featuring a wealth of archival footage and interviews with family members – many of whom are prominent cultural and political figures – and friends, Anat Goren’s two-part scintillating documentary offers thrillingly voyeuristic glimpses into the life of a family whose immense power and influence have never quite compensated for its severe dysfunctional dynamics. 

Part 1: 90 minutes, part 2: 125 minutes

This film is available to watch until 7:30pm, Wednesday 18th November. 


Sponsored by: S & R Charitable Trust