UK Premiere 

Known to his millions of Snapchat followers as Dr. Miami, plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer is the perfect embodiment of a culture that, with the help of social media, has become obsessed with body perfection and cosmetic improvements. At home, however, Salzhauer is a happily married, father-of-five Orthodox Jew, who is in constant dialogue – with his family members as well as himself – about the conflicts that arise from his line of work, which, at its core, seeks to correct what was given to us by God. They Call Me Dr. Miami offers a fascinating, if often quite shocking, look at modern-day values and aspirations.

Warning: Film contains nudity.

Film includes an introduction with Dr Michael Salzhauer

This film is available to watch until 7:30pm, Tuesday 17th November. 


Sponsored by Sabrina and Eric Lemer