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Film followed by a live Q&A with Ra’anan Alexandrowicz and Maia Levi.

This film is available to watch until 7:30pm, Friday 20th November. 


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Ra’anan Alexandrowicz

Ra’anan Alexandrowicz is a director, screenwriter and editor. His latest film The Viewing Booth (2019) Has premiered in the Berlin Film Festival of 2020 and is currently being shown in prominent documentary festivals worldwide. is also known for The Law in These Parts (2011), which received the Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival, a Peabody award and numerous other prizes. His earlier documentaries The Inner Tour (2001) and Martin (1999) were shown in the Berlin Film Festival’s Forum section and MoMA’s New Directors / New Films series. Alexandrowicz’s single fiction feature James’ Journey to Jerusalem (2003) premiered at Cannes Director’s fortnight and at the Toronto International Film Festival and received several international awards. Alexandrowicz’s films were released theatrically in the United States and Europe as well as broadcasted by PBS, ARTE, the BBC and other television channels. Ra’anan has served as an editing advisor for the Sundance documentary fund His work has also received extensive academic attention. He has been invited as a guest lecturer to several American universities, among those Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, NYU, Columbia and several others. Ra’anan is currently pursuing an MFA at Temple university. His essay 50 Years of Documentation (2019) was published in Palgrave’s Visual Imagery and Human Rights Practice. His second essay Maia and the Boundaries of the Frame (2020) was published on World Records Journal by Union Docs Center for Documentary Arts.

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The Viewing Booth

71 min

UK Premiere 

Maia, a bright American student, is asked, along six fellow students, to watch 40 web videos which depict life under occupation in Palestine – half of them posted by human rights organisation B’Tselem, the rest by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit and other pro-Israeli organisations. Six months later she is back in the viewing booth – this time to watch herself watching the videos the first time around. The daughter of Israeli parents, Maia has a great love for Israel and a reluctance to admit its wrongdoing. Could exposure to disturbing footage change her point of view on the country she is so attached to, and the conflict? More than a film, Israeli political filmmaker Ra’anan Alexandrowicz’s latest piece, which premiered at Berlinale this year, is an intriguing social experiment that asks to what extent images can form our core beliefs – or to radically alter them.

Film followed by a live Q&A with Ra’anan Alexandrowicz and Maia Levi. 

This film is available to watch until 7:30pm, Friday 20th November. 


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