“Examines the Eichmann trial in an interesting and less familiar perspective.” – Time Out Israel

“Energetic and well-researched.”  – Jury’s Statement, Jerusalem Film Festival

Riveting film about the team of police investigators – Bureau 06 – formed for the intent purpose of investigating and preparing the charges brought against Adolf Eichmann, in Jerusalem, in 1961.

For nine months these men and women immersed themselves in the horrors of the Holocaust, ultimately presenting the events of the Holocaust to the world for the first time.

Intimate revelations of the investigation, and the effect it had on the individuals’ lives, are shared – including the story of Avner W. Less, Adolf Eichmann’s personal interrogator, who spent more than 275 hours with Eichmann, eventually leaving Israel and reclaiming his German identity card.

Honourable mention: Jerusalem International Film Festival 2013