“A smart and funny directorial debut, Soloway joins the ranks of Apatow and Tina Fey as a new force in adult comedy features.” – Huffington Post

Jill Soloway deservedly won Best Director at Sundance, this year, with this acutely observed drama on sexual relationships.

Despite the trappings of a successful life (uber cute husband/son and Silver Lake home) Rachel, played by the phenomenal Kathryn Hahn, has lost all sense of self, purpose and libido. To kick-start the latter, she and her husband visit a strip club where she meets mesmeric sex worker McKenna (Juno Temple). Hoping to save McKenna, Rachel takes her home as a live-in nanny.

Unsurprisingly, havoc ensues with comic-tragic results within Rachel’s family and her circle of friends.

Winner: Best Director, Sundance Film Festival 2013