UK Premiere

When Yoav, a 42-year-old architect, learns that his best and oldest friend Alma is pregnant with her first child, a mid-life crisis, which has up until then lurked in the shadows, hits him hard. Triggered by Alma’s surprising news but rooted in Yoav’s childhood trauma and family relationships, his crisis leads him to leave Dan, his partner of 15 years, and cut ties with Alma and other close friends. Set in a beautifully modern and cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, 15 Years is a bittersweet tale of love, loss and new beginnings. 

Warning: film contains explicit sexual content.

This film is available to watch until 7:30pm, Sunday 15th November. 


Please note that the scheduled physical festival screening of this film at JW3 Hall has been cancelled due to new Covid-19 government restrictions.