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Q&A and a live drawing introduction by Lisa Gornick.

Unfortunately, Allan Corduner will no longer be able to join us.

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Lisa Gornick

LISA GORNICK is a British actress, screenwriter, director, producer, and the founder of Valiant Doll, a production company that made micro budget feature films. Her latest work is an ambitious cross-platform piece The Book of Gabrielle, which comprises a book, live performance and a feature film. The film, preceded by a live show, will be screened at this year’s festival.

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The Book of Gabrielle

Lisa Gornick
Lisa Gornick, Allan Corduner, Anna Koval, Ruth Lass, Joni Kamen
80 min

Set in London and written, directed by and starring local talent Lisa Gornick, this is the story of a chance encounter between an illustrator who is working on a “how to” sex book and a well-known author, which develops into a complex and revealing mentor-protégé relationship. Funny, insightful and highly risqué, our protagonist begins to question everything she knows about sex, love and art. Warning: the film contains some graphic scenes and numerous sexual references.