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Karin Albou

KARIN ALBOU is a French actress, screenwriter and director. Her directorial debut film, Little Jerusalem, debuted at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Her latest feature My Shortest Love Affair will be showing at this year’s festival and Karin will be attending a Q&A afterwards.

Films screening at this event

My Shortest Love Affair

original title
Ma plus courte histoire d'amour
Karin Albou
Karin Albou, Patrick Mimoun, Mazarine Pingeot
78 min

A few years after the death of her husband, 40-something Louisa runs into Charles, an old flame, who is back in Paris. They rekindle their affair, but the transition from passionate sex to a stable relationship, following Louisa’s unplanned pregnancy, and from the memory of youthful carelessness to middle-age responsibility, is more challenging than both expected. My Shortest Love Affair, the third feature of French-Jewish director Karin Albou, who also stars, is a charming and frank drama about relationships, sex and starting over.