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This film is followed by interviews with Director, Caroline Link and Matthew Kneale.

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Caroline Link

Caroline Link is one of Germany’s most successful film directors and is known for great storytelling. She is diverse and open in her film works, she focuses on social issues through out time.

Her debut film, Beyond Silence (1996), about the daughter of a deaf couple who falls in love with music, received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. In 2001, she took home the same Oscar for her emigration drama, Nowhere in Africa. Family, childhood, and coming of age are central themes that run throughout Link’s work. Her film adaptation of the young adult novel When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, by Judith Kerr, is being released now.

Link’s early work includes the short film Bunte Blumen, from 1988. She was a co-director on the documentary film Das Glück zum Anfassen (1989). For Bavaria Film, she wrote two screenplays to the detective series Der Fahnder (The Investigators).

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When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

original title
Als Hitler das Rosa Kaninchen stahl
Caroline Link
Riva Krymalowski, Carla Juri, Oliver Masucci
114 min

Opening Night Gala film and UK Premiere

Nine-year-old Anna’s carefree childhood is disrupted when her parents decide to flee Germany shortly before Hitler attains power. In their search for safety and livelihood, the close-knit family moves first to Switzerland, then France and finally, England – each move presents great challenges, but even greater rewards. Though she still harbours hopes of returning to Berlin, Anna gradually learns that home is wherever she is free to love, imagine and dream.

Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Caroline Link and based on Judith Kerr’s beloved semi-autobiographical book, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit superbly captures both the growing Nazi threat and the magic of childhood. An incredibly touching and uplifting tribute to Kerr, who passed away last May, and her timeless stories.

This film is followed by interviews with Director, Caroline Link and Matthew Kneale. 

Sponsored by Rosemarie Nathanson Charitable Trust.


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