We are thrilled to invite you to join us for our brand new FilmClub.
Each month we will follow a film screening with a discussion, glass of wine and nibbles. Share your thoughts with friends and film experts about the film you’ve seen.

The next FilmClub is on Wednesday 28 March where a discussion will follow the screening of 1945.

A film that is as masterfully directed and emotionally poignant as Son of Saul1945 is an instant classic. Jewish father and son return to the village from which they were deported, and where indifferent bystanders seized their home and possessions. Their arrival is a moment of crisis for the small community, whose members struggle to cope with feelings of guilt and fear of revenge. Shot in expressive black and white, 1945 is a quiet yet striking study of the aftershocks of war.

More info and tickets here.

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