Dear film lovers

Don’t miss out!! That’s our theme this year when we are bringing to you one of our most varied programmes ever for this, our 22nd annual UK Jewish Film Festival. Most of these films can only be seen in this country through our screenings and they represent the best that are selected from over 600 films that are viewed by our programming team. We are privileged to bring these outstanding Jewish related creative works to you for your entertainment.

At a time when the Jewish community in the UK is facing unprecedented threats from open antisemitism and anti-Zionism we find ourselves at the forefront of standing up with pride for Israeli and Jewish culture. The power of film to communicate with all communities and generations is immense. We aim to harness the superb creative talent from Israel and throughout the world expressed through film to entertain, to educate and to fight racism and prejudice.

I am proud of an innovative programme to educate children about antisemitism through film that has been developed this year by Rachel Burns our Education Manager. Using film is a powerful way of educating children and many find it easier to relate to complicated and difficult themes when they see them on screen. With the financial support of one of our sponsors we are beginning by taking this education programme to the classrooms of schools in Tower Hamlets and if it is successful we hope to replicate it in other secondary schools across the country.

This year’s films from Israel cover the full range of political and social issues and we never shy away from bringing controversial films from Israel. We are lucky enough to be able to bring to you not only the films but some of the talented actors and the individuals behind the productions who will join us at the many Q&A sessions that we hold after the films.

The entertainment industry is unfortunately plagued by attack from the BDS movement. We have stood up to this in the past and continue to do so today whenever we meet this form of prejudice and anti-democratic action. We show great quality films from the widest spectrum of ideas and views without judging them for their political position and we will fight censorship wherever it comes from.
I want to thank the team at the UK Jewish Film office for their hard work and commitment to bring this festival to you and also the many volunteers who make it happen.
It takes significant financial support to subsidise any arts festival and we are no exception. Thank you to our Patrons and Film Sponsors whose support is fundamental and whose vision and understanding of what we do enables us to bring these films to you.

Don’t miss out. Enjoy the films.

Jonathan Lewis
Chairman, UK Jewish Film