Luke Holland runs the Independent production company ZEF Productions from Sussex, the setting for his 5-part BBC Storyville Series A Very English Village, (BBC4, BBC2, BBC1). Other documentaries include I Was a Slave Labourer – the inside story of the campaign for forced and slave labour compensation, which in 1999, helped secure a $5 billion settlement; More Than a Life, the story of his brother Peter’s terminal struggle with Myeloma; the BBC Wildscreen, Golden Panda Award-winner The Journey of Death; the 5-part Channel 4 Series The ‘Savage’ Strikes Back; the C4 Prix Europa and Emmy entry Good Morning Mr Hitler and Gene Hunters.

Luke’s mother is a Jewish refugee from Vienna. He spent his 1950s childhood in the Bruderhof, a German-speaking, Christian community, in Paraguay and among the Lengua, Angaite and Sanapana Indians of the Paraguayan Chaco. He ran an arts project in inner-city Birmingham (1971-76) and worked as a photographer in S. America and in Andean archaeology (1977- 80).

Throughout the 1980s Luke worked with Survival International on indigenous land and cultural rights. He played a key role in developing the UK screening initiative Docspace; was President of the Joris Ivens Jury at the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam; is a founder Board Member of the Joods Film Festival, Amsterdam and has given documentary masterclasses at film events worldwide.  He played one of the leads in the Amos Gitai feature film Eden, with Arthur Miller and Samantha Morton. Luke Holland currently directs an urgent archival film project that deals with the oral history of the Third Reich.