Jonathan Weissler is the Producer and CEO of Balagan Productions. Jonathan began his film career in London in the early 90’s where he worked on films like Interview With the Vampire, Braveheart and Mission Impossible 1 as he climbed the production ladder. In 1997 he produced his first feature film Time Enough and has since gone onto produce 24 feature films, a 10 hour TV miniseries and over 300 commercials around the world.

Among his films include The Brasserie (2001) which shot in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong grossed $38m putting it among the highest grossing films in Asia of that year and the cult film The Truth Game (2001) directed by Simon Rumley. Jonathan has also produced In Your Dreams (2008) with Linda Hamilton and directed by Gary Sinyor and produced with Sir David Frost as well R” (2010) with Timothy Spall and Rhona Mitra, Booked Out (2012) with Rollo Weeks and Sylvia Syms and White Lie (2013) with Paul Bandey and David Birkin.