What do I need to put in my 500-word pitch?

Use this document to tell us what the film is about.

We’re looking for stories about people, places and Jewish customs, which really say something about what it means to be Jewish and British in the 21st century.

Maybe your family has a quirky or unusual tradition associated with one of the festivals?

Maybe you know a Jewish person who does something really important within the community, or who has lived an extraordinary life?

You might want to tell us about the top hat cupboard in your shul, your local Jewish baker, your favourite Jewish rock band, a Jewish knitting circle, your experience of learning to lein, the difficulties associated with keeping kosher or the person in your community who’s in charge of the upkeep of your local eruv.

You might want to find out about the Ladino melody your grandmother used to sing to you, or explore the twenty best swear words in Yiddish or tell us about the non-religious Seder meal you’re planning for next year…

 We are looking for untold stories… so think out of the box!

The films should be creative and original, so use your pitch to tell us how the film will look and how it might be shot. Will you use music? Will there be words? If you’ve never made a film before you should still answer these questions.

Three minutes is not a long time to tell a story, so make sure you think carefully about how you’ll fill your on-screen time. What are the important broad strokes in your story and which details would you like the viewers to know about? Part of our criteria for judging your pitch is how appropriate it feels as a short doc.

You need to reassure us that you’re the best person to tell this story. This might be because you have access to a particular person or permission to use a location central to the film. We need to know that the film is achievable and that we won’t be commissioning something thst ultimately doesn’t get made.

Tell us how you’ll practically make the film? Who will shoot it? How long do you think it will take to make? Who will edit? How might you spend your £1000? There are no wrong or right answers here, it is absolutely okay to tell us you’re going to pay yourself… we just need to know you’re being realistic! If you have no experience at all in this field, let us know, and we can take this into account and give you detailed advice and guidance should you be selected.

You have a second side of A4 to tell us all about yourself. Try to make this as interesting and entertaining as possible. Tell us about your relationship with Jewish culture. Why do you think the story you’re telling is important? And why are YOU the person who should be telling it? If you’re a filmmaker, this is your opportunity to tell us about your experience. If you’re not, perhaps you could tell us why you’d value this opportunity? If you’ve mentioned other people (camera people/editors) in your pitch, this is your opportunity to tell us about them. If there’s a person who is central to the telling of the story (either as a presenter or a subject) we want to hear about them too.

Remember you only have 500 words for each of the two pages. Part of this project is making sure you can tell a story concisely, so you need to be able to tell us everything we need to know in a limited numbers of words.

Good luck, get thinking… and we look forward to hearing from you