Adieu My Beloved

A stunningly beautiful animated short film based on a letter that director Susan Shulman's grandfather wrote to her grandmother in 1900. An immigrants tale of courage and love.


In 1950 Tel Aviv, a mother and her son receive a telegram with an invitation for a phone call from America.

Anita's Journey

Animation detailing the memories of a six-year old Jewish girl and her experience of Nazi Germany.


Sometimes even the most unassuming of days takes a surprising turn, as one middle-aged suburban bachelor finds out in this wry short.

Call Me Alvy

Brian Silver – almost 13 – has been obsessed with Woody Allen ever since his older brother introduced him to Annie Hall.

City Sickness

A stylish, young Tel Avivit is pondering about and struggling with the possibility of a new relationship as she becomes suffocated by her frustration with 21st century consumerism and superficiality.

Days of Awe

The ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are a time for mercy, introspection and forgiveness. But who is wanting of forgiveness?


It is the night of the Jewish settlement masquerade party. Fifteen-year-old Samer insists on taking his older sister Ayat to collect her diploma from the Palestinian University.

Don't Tell Santa You're Jewish

A little girl sits on Santa's knee, waiting for her present. Only trouble is, she's got to remember NOT to tell him she's Jewish. This brightly animated short addresses the anxiety of not fitting in.

Dona Dona

Based on the prescient 1941 Yiddish song 'Dona Dona', this is a moving musical video from innovative British vocal group, Mosaic Voices.

First Aid

A day before his wedding, Shai visits Tamar, his ex-girlfriend, for a tempestuous encounter prior to becoming established. Tamar leaves him a hickey, entangling the situation.

Gary and Mildred

Pushy ‘70s mama Mildred and lonely son Gary live together in eccentric disharmony in this hilarious (and slightly bonkers) animation from Rivka Press.

Grandma's Story

A visually creative short about director Dror Amsalem's Grandmother and how she fled from Tunisia during the second world war.

Happy Holidays

Two Hungarian sisters come to terms with the reality of living in Israel in very different ways.

Happy New Year

A unique and bittersweet coming-of-age tale about ten year old Michael Cohen. Michael’s world is a confusing mix of Jewish tradition and secular society, a result of his father, Ben, “marrying out”.

I am Ruthie Segal, Hear me Roar

Today is Ruthie Segal's big batmitzvah. The fish balls are defrosted, the dress is ironed, and the guests are waiting... but Ruthie has a slightly different idea about what it means to become a woman.

I Charleston Tel Aviv

The Swing dancers of Tel Aviv dancing at different spots around the city, giving the viewer a fun tour of their home town.

I'm A Mitzvah

An unexpected cancellation of his flight leaves David and his deceased friend stranded in Mexico overnight.


Two mysterious men meet for coffee, cake and a catch-up in Buenos Aires in 1960. Their dark secret and their identities are revealed.


The narrative follows a young woman, Rebecca, as she struggles with the decision to know more about her genetic history of breast cancer.


Now in his eighties, Ralph revisits his youth – remembering the time he arrived in England as a 15-year-old boy and how he fell madly in love with the beautiful English girl who lived across the hall.

Last Respect

Shpitzer, a soldier in the Israeli army, attempt to preserve his self respect while forced to pay last respect to a dead colleague.

Like Children

In a little house on the outskirts of a shtetl, fate has brought Yoni and Sarah together to make the biggest decision of their lives.

Lives In Focus

Lives in Focus records untold historical experiences and examines the enduring power of memory.

Music Man Murray

An American documentary about an 89-year old man trying to sell his prized record collection.

No One But Us

A young man has two days to raise 30,000 shekel to save his dying father.

People Like You

Why is it so difficult to find a free parking space in Tel-Aviv? Whose fault is it that a decent date in the city is almost impossible to find?

Pizza Bagels

Complications arise when a traditional Italian father hosts his son's Jewish girlfriend and mother for dinner.

Rozhinkes mit Mandlen

A re-imagining of the classic Yiddish song, 'Almonds with Raisins', from innovative British vocal group Mosaic Voices.


A BAFTA-nominated short film. The story of Shmilu, a Hasidic Jew in crisis, torn between his community and the romantic possibilities of trendy East London.


At the drive-thru, a young couple discusses what they want - from the menu and from each other.

Sour Milk

Jerusalem 1929, set against the backdrop of one of the harshest Arab attacks on the Jews in British Mandatory Palestine.

Substitute Teacher

Ariela, a 34 year old introvert teacher, is pregnant from a man who is no longer part of her life.

The Battle of Cable Street

Blurring the line between live action and animation, this is a remarkable re-telling of a seminal event in Anglo-Jewish history.

The Last Schvitz

A group of men meet at a Turkish baths in Bayswater, London regularly to practice an ancient healing ritual known as 'schmeissing'.

The Secret History of Hava Nagila

This experimental comedy animation is a tongue-in-cheek response to the enduring popularity of that much loved and occasionally much reviled classic, Hava Nagila.

The Tailor

Culture and confusion meet on a Brooklyn Street, in this hilariously charming reconstruction of a Borscht Belt joke.

The Visitor

The past bleeds into the present. In present day Melbourne, a woman grapples with how far she can go to protect a late-night visitor from rapidly encroaching danger.

Through the Window

A mother is exposed to her daughter’s relationship with another woman through her kitchen window.


Starring Maureen Lipman and David Horovitch, and written and directed by Dan Susman, Veils is a story about a Jewish girl and a Palestinian guy on their wedding day.


A man takes care of a helpless plant. This film is the official music video for Israeli singer Eviatar Banai.

You Must Be Joking

Over the past century a disproportionately high percentage of influential comedians in radios, stand-up, TV and film have been Jewish. But what makes Jewish humour so funny?

You're Next! Episode 4

Dani is a 30 year old tomboy, hooked on Youtube videos, Michael Jackson hits and chips. She's a child-adult who didn't yield to the dictates of society for women and tries to figure out her sexuality.

You're Next! Episode 5

Shira is 33 years old, settled down in a series relationship. Her surrounding is waiting for her to take the next step into motherhood, she on the other hand does not feel ready yet and decides to reb