“Fox directs with unmatched honesty and compassion… Knoller’s remarkebly nuanced performance is filled with delicate emotion.” – Tribeca News

Returning to the groundbreaking role as a gay man that won him the Tribeca Film Festival’s Best Actor award in 2003 (Yossi & Jagger), Ohad Knoller gives another extraordinary performance as Yossi.

Ten years have passed and Yossi is living a lonely existence in Tel Aviv, seeking retreat in his work as a doctor. When an emotional meeting unfolds in his consulting room, stirring up long suppressed memories of his relationship with Jagger, Yossi decides to take off on a long overdue holiday. Driving through the desolate streets of southern Israel, stark images of city life eventually give way to rolling road trip beauty and when he chances on a group of young, lively soldiers, he finally wakes up from his ten year slumber.
Contains scenes of a sexual nature.

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