”Omnibus films rarely display the consistency of quality seen here. Water is rich in film styles: social drama (Still Waters), romance (Now and forever), docu portrait (The Water Seller), fly-on-the-wall reportage (The Climax of Kareem’s Pool), recreation (Eye drops), flashback (Drops), even performance – driven farce (Raz and Radja).” – Variety

Israeli and Palestinian directors, worked together to create short fiction and documentary films, referring to the vital issue of water. Initiated by the Department of Film and Television at Tel-Aviv University, Water is a unique cinematic co-operative project: the filmmakers took part in joint meetings, presenting ideas to each other, consulting with experts from both sides and working in mixed crews of Palestinians and Israelis.

The result is a series of highly personal, varied films, together offering an illuminating picture of the complexities surrounding this simple, essential yet contentious natural resource. While reflecting the conflicted reality of the Middle East, the films transcend slogans and propaganda, offering instead an example of cinema’s ability to create a space for dialogue and cooperation.


Dirs. Nir Sa’ar, Maya Sarfaty

A couple from Tel Aviv finds respite in an ancient spring close to Jerusalem, which they share with Palestinians who are commuting to their illegal jobs in Israel.


Dir. Mohammad Fuad

As he makes his daily rounds, Bethlehem water seller Abu Firas comes face to face with the water crisis in the West Bank.


Dir. Yona Rozenkier

Israeli soldier and his Palestinian prisoner work to jump-start a broken army trunk in the presence of a persistent donkey.
multicultural Britain.


Dir. Mohammad Bakri

Based on a true story, a man and his two sons help their elderly neighbour with her eye drops, forming a bond with the Holocaust survivor as their relationship grows.


Dir. Ahmad Bargouthi

Returning to Palestine after 30 years in Chicago, 70-year-old Kareem used a natural spring on his land to create a swimming resort for Palestinians, until armed settlers intrude on the peaceful oasis.


Dir. Pini Tavger

An escaping soldier takes refuge in a military base bathroom, finding himself immersed in memories as he listens to the sound of water drops.


Dir. Tal Haring

While she waits for her parents to take her to a matchmaking meeting, a young Orthodox girl hides from the Arab plumber who has arrived to make repairs and they form an impromptu friendship.