“A melancholic portrait about a man’s dream and its shattering.” – Jerusalem International Film Festival 2012

“I don’t sleep at night… what we call experience, the younger generation calls a chain of mistakes.” Shimon Peres, Israeli President.
Shimon Peres: the last of the founders of Israel, architect of their nuclear programme, twice Prime Minister and current President… now the subject of a groundbreaking documentary that reveals the human sacrifice required of political leadership. “We discovered a heavily conflicted man, almost the embodiment of the state he was instrumental in building” say UK filmmakers Joanna Natasegara and Richard Symons. Narrated by actor Helena Bonham Carter, CBE, the viewer is granted unprecedented access to Peres and his inner circle – including Peres’ granddaughter and former Palestinian Prime Minister, Ahmed Qurei – as he discloses the challenges of establishing peace, maintaining family life under a constant threat of assassination and building a nation.