Following the sell-out UK Premiere of the Israeli version of The Office at UKJFF 2011, we are pleased to bring you two fantastic new episodes from this hit series. And just before The Office we present a special preview of Pini, the outrageous new Israeli web comedy series which follows Pini Ben Tovim, an Israeli who travels to London to become a successful chef.

Meet Avi Meshulam, regional manager of an office supplies company in Yehud, an industrial backwater near Tel Aviv. He’s also the Israeli incarnation of the infamous David Brent. Following the success of the US version, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s ground-breaking comedy series gets the Israeli makeover. Gareth becomes Yariv, Tim becomes Yossi  – while Big Keith has transmogrified into Yevgeni, a dour-faced Russian immigrant. Then there is Leah, the perpetually pregnant Charedi lady with a penchant for sleazy pop songs. Some episodes are based on the UK originals but with a uniquely Israeli spin. Others take the format in fresh directions, sharply satirizing Israeli society. The result is fascinating, surprising, and most importantly – funny.