“Provides a view of that country that’s as satisfyingly eccentric and unexpected as anything we’ve seen.” – LA Times

“Juxtaposes guilt with hope, national birth pains with youthful hubris, and utilizes an underside of Israeli life not usually exposed to public view.” – Variety

A hugely pleasurable film that succeeds in weaving together many facets of life in Israel in 1968 that shed light on the country as it is today.
When Haifa teenage Arik Burstein (Tuval Shafir) meets his friend’s rebellious cousin Tamara, who has grown up in America, he’s seduced by her stories of free love and rock’n roll. But the world that opens up when he gets a summer job working for a most unusual matchmaker, Yankele Bride (Adir Miller), is bizarre beyond belief. And, since Arik’s father knew Yankele back in Romania, he trusts him and allows his son to become part of his sleazy empire around the Haifa port.
The scars of Nazi Europe hang over this bizarre community and those ghosts are never far away, and yet there is some real comedy and a lot of charm in this powerful film by Avi Nesher, one of Israel’s most renowned directors.