Inspired by true events that took place in a military prison in northern Israel, in 1997, Renen Schorr’s compelling film tells the story of two Russian speaking immigrants accused of treason.

Despite pleading not guilty and demanding a retrial to prove their innocence, then men are ignored by the Israeli authorities and soon find themselves at a point where they have nothing left to lose. Many young people have arrived in Israel from the countries of the former Soviet Union. They are seeking adventure and idealism but they may lack the maturity to understand how to deal with immigration and the challenges it could bring for them. Their fate may be to have to fight in order to prove themselves so that they can attempt to integrate.

This new feature film by Renen Schorr (Dir. Late Summer Blues; Exec. Prod. James’s Journey to Jerusalem) depicts the compelling story of two such individuals Glory (Sasha Avshalom Agrounov) and Bluchin (Anton ‘Klin’ Ostrovsky) who get into trouble and are accused of selling arms to the enemy.

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