“This is one hot, provocative, revelatory and compelling documentary.” – Hollywood Reporter

“What’s extraordinary about the gatekeepers isn’t just that these guys have agreed to speak on camera – which is remarkable in itself – it’s how utterly, astonishingly open and candid they are.” – The Guardian

A unique opportunity to see Dror Moreh’s award-winning debut docudrama and to hear in person after the screening from former Shin Bet director Ami Ayalon.

Delving where no filmmaker has gone before, The Gatekeepers investigates the ‘Shin Bet’ – an Israeli intelligence agency charged with defending their nation from the constant threat of Terrorism. For the first time in history, six former heads of the agency – covering the agency’s presence from 1949 to the present day – discuss its former secrets, the success and failures of “the unseen shield” and their fears of a bleak and brutal future. Astonishing and provocative.

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