The story follows her unstable consciousness through fear, emptiness, hope and neediness until she realizes that her family are able to accept that it might be the last day of her life. Her husband, Menachem, refuses to take her seriously, reflecting the fact that they have become somewhat estranged. But Nechama heeds her internal voice and tries to gather her family around her in order to say goodbye.

She asks her adult granddaughter, Neta, who is interning in a psychiatric hospital to arrive early for her usual bi-weekly visit while Neta is busy with a new patient, a suicidal woman who has aroused her concern. Neta has a difficult session with her patient who leaves in the middle of it; she is continuously bombarded with phone calls from her grandparents asking her to come and with her mind in turmoil she leaves the hospital and becomes an important part of her grandmother’s last day.
Nechama longs to renew the feelings of human closeness which long ago left her. Will the consolation that Nechama so badly needs arrive?