A remarkably compelling story of individual freedom, told from a deeply personal perspective. Ingelore is an absorbing account of a lonely childhood played out against the terrifying rise of the Third Reich and eventually of her escape to America. As a deaf Jewish woman born in Germany in 1924, Ingelore Herz Honigstein was extremely isolated by her disability. As an expression of embarrassment over their mute child her parents ignored her and made no attempt at communication. She did not speak a word until she was six years old and no complete sentences until she was twelve. However, she now reveals herself as a most articulate communicator and the story of her life unfolds with great dignity using first-person narrative, archival footage, and simple understated re-enactments. Ingelore brings humour and a remarkable energy which results in this being more than a biography, it is a meditation on freedom both physical and emotional.

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