A thought-provoking documentary about the difference individual action can make.  The Palestinian Bedouin village of Susia in the windswept hills outside Hebron has no mains electricity or running water, its six hundred families live in tents or caves, and it has a settlement with a history of aggressive behaviour close by.  The main industry here is dairy production, but the farmers have no means of refrigeration, and have had multiple applications to connect to local utility networks refused.


In a place where all Israelis are seen as part of the conflict, one group of Israelis to decide make themselves part of a solution.  Director Danny Verete (Metallic Blues) follows members of Kibbutz Shoval who protest inequality not through demonstrations and slogans, but through working with their hands.  For three years, using their expertise in ecology and agriculture, the kibbutzniks work alongside the residents of Susia to create sustainable utilities of their own, creating human connections that go far beyond politics.

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