Fluchkes (Yiddish for flabby arms) is an honest, humorous look at growing older and its relationship to creativity and art.  The film follows a group of talented, energetic and feisty women, all aged between 72 and 82, as they prepare for a professional dance performance. Intimately observing a year of grueling rehearsals building up to the final show, director Ofer Inov gains close access to the group’s dynamic, rivalries and friendships as they struggle to tease out a high quality performance from their ageing bodies.

The film takes us through the personal journey of each of the women, their motivations, struggles and fears. Fully aware of their physical limitations, they are determined to prove that they are first and foremost performers and artists, refusing to be identified and judged solely by their age. These charming, proud and straight talking women offer us an insight into the nature of ageing that is thoughtful, life-affirming and inspiring. Daniela Boban



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