Challenge yourself with this roller coaster showcasing the latest in cutting-edge experimental films on Jewish themes. Experience Yael Bartana’s bizarre and outlandish Inferno, which charts the inauguration of a third Jewish temple in Brazil; Yaron Lapid’s profound take on being a new immigrant in the UK, Terms & Conditions Apply, and his powerful exploration of individual degradation in Night Meter, Arcadia, downtown; and One Man, Eight Cameras, about a man trapped with eight versions of himself in a Kafkaesque world of kaleidoscopic klezmer. In Why?, Nadav Lapid (director of The Kindergarten Teacher) faces his memories as a soldier and their consequences on his artistic choices; Watch sees British Jewish filmmaker Leah Thorn explore vulnerability, survival, memorialisation and the impact of dementia on a father-daughter relationship; and finally, shot at two famous walls, Note is a prayer for peace and home.