This startlingly prescient silent film from inter-war Vienna, now with musical score from Olga Neuwirth, chillingly imagines – and astonishingly predicts – the consequences as a city succumbs to intolerance. Made in 1924, Die Stadt ohne Juden is ominous, portentous, and unforgettable. H K Breslauer’s satirical dystopia shows the cultural and economic impoverishment of a city that expels its Jewish population, and is disturbingly prophetic in its depiction of the murderous antisemitism in Vienna in the wake of the First World War. The story of the film is almost as remarkable as its content. Lost during the Second World War, this version was only rediscovered in a Paris flea market in 2015. The political message is more sharply articulated in this newly restored version, with a hitherto lost ending and other sequences. Composer Olga Neuwirth is a cinephile herself, and her specially commissioned score will add another, wholly compelling, dimension.