Children of the first kibbutzim in Israel were born in the early 20th century to youthful and hopeful parents.  They have been called ‘Children of the Sun’ as they considered them children of the ‘Sun of Nations’ Revolution in Israel.  They were born into a utopia and were destined to become the ‘New Man’.  They were educated in a ideological society that aspired to replace the traditional family with the collective one, to subjugate the will of the individual in favour of the common good and a life of equality.

Children of the Sun tells the story of the journey in search of a society’s memory and the concepts that have passed from the world.  Comprised of a stunning collage of amateur films, rare footage shot at the kibbutzim between 1930 and 1970, along with conversations with family and friends, a rich tapestry is formed of a public yet deeply personal story.  A unique and treasured look at one of the most fascinating myths of the Zionist movement in Israel.

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