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Followed by a panel discussion with Professor Sue Vice (English, University of Sheffield), moderated by
Professor Barry Langford (Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London).

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Sue Vice


University of Sheffield

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Ziva Postec: The Editor Behind the Film Shoah

Catherine Hébert
90 min

Filmmaker Ziva Postec devoted six years of her life to the editing of Claude Lanzmann’s monumental documentary Shoah, losing herself completely in 350 hours’ worth of testimonies. Whereas the film was, in her words, the pinnacle of her career, working on it, she says, felt like a voluntary prison sentence. Here, Postec talks about what drove her, as a young single mother, to complete such an emotionally and physically demanding project and why, when the film was finally completed, she decided to move back to her native Israel, bringing her French chapter of 25 years to a close. An inspiring and moving tribute to one of Israel’s most influential, if unknown, filmmakers.

Official Selection – Jerusalem Film Festival 2019


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