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Tracking Edith

Peter Stephan Jungk
Austria, Germany, Russia
90 min

“I watched this compelling film with fascination. An amazing quest and very timely.”  Michael Haneke

Edith Tudor-Hart’s pioneering photography documented the social ills of its time, focusing on poverty and child welfare in 1930s and 1940s Britain. These concerns were also the driving force behind Tudor-Hart’s second, clandestine, career as a KGB spy. Born in Austria into a Jewish family, Tudor-Hart was a committed communist. Working in the UK, she was instrumental in the creation of the Cambridge Five, the Soviet Union’s successful spy ring (which was also the inspiration for John le Carré’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and the recruitment of Kim Philby. Director Peter Stephan Jungk, Tudor-Hart’s great nephew, looks back on her extraordinary, double life, which married art with politics, and her quest for social justice. 

Best Documentary Director – Jewish Film Festival Berlin Brandenburg 2017


Join director Peter Stephan Jungk on the ‘Hampstead Spies’ walking tour,  visiting Edith Tudor-Hart’s old Hampstead haunts and hear the extraordinary story of Edith and her former lover and KGB officer Arnold Deutsch.

Sunday 29 July, 10:30am, £10

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