Attending this event

Melanie Phillips

Melanie Phillips is a British journalist, broadcaster and author, whose weekly column currently appears in The Times. She also writes regularly for The Jewish Chronicle and the The Jerusalem Post.At UKJFF 2015, Phillips will take part in the panel discussion after The Zionist Idea.

Colin Shindler

Colin Shindler is Emeritus professor at SOAS, University of London and founding Chairman of the European Association of Israel Studies. Author of eight books, the latest of which is ‘The Rise of the Israeli Right: From Odessa to Hebron’.

Films screening at this event

The Zionist Idea

Joseph Dorman
Oren Rudavsky
Israel, Palestine, USA
165 min

“A thoughtful and invaluable cinematic document. A significant achievement.” – The Hollywood Reporter

An ambitious and fascinating study on the history of the modern Zionist movement, from its late nineteenth century beginnings through to the present day. The Zionist Idea is an uncompromisingly exhaustive documentary that tracks Zionism through its major historical cornerstones including WW2, and seminal events such as the 1967 Six Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War. An essential and vital piece of filmmaking that takes an unapologetically in-depth look at the birth of the Jewish homeland.

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