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Followed by a Q&A with Carol Isaacs, Edwin Shuker and Daniel Jonas

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Carol Isaacs

Carol is a keyboard player & accordionist in the pop and world music fields, recording and touring worldwide with many international artists including Sinéad O’Connor (Ireland), The Indigo Girls (US), Ahmed Mukhtar (Iraq). Also known as cartoonist The Surreal McCoy (published in New Yorker, Spectator, Private Eye) she drew The Wolf of Baghdad graphic memoir based on her own family’s recollections.

Edwin Shuker

Edwin Shuker is an Iraqi-Jewish business person and philanthropist. Born in Baghdad to a dwindling community that has been living continuously in that region since 586 bc.Edwin works to preserve Jewish shrines and sites to keep the link between Iraq and its displaced Jewish community. Edwin is Vice President of the European Jewish Congress and a member of the Executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. An international activist and public speaker on the Middle East and in particular the subject of Jews from Arab countries, particularly his native Iraq. Edwin has engaged in and supported many projects promoting human rights and freedom in the Middle East.

Daniel Jonas

Daniel founded 3yin (pronounced \”ayin\” and meaning eye in Hebrew) to perform the music of the Jewish communities of the Middle East & North Africa. He is also known as the founder of the critically-acclaimed JudeoSpanish music group Los Desterrados.

Films screening at this event

The Wolf of Baghdad

Carol Isaacs
The Surreal McCoy
46 min

A unique audio-visual journey through a Jewish family’s memories of their lost Iraqi homeland. Projections of The Wolf of Baghdad graphic novel will be accompanied by 3yin, an ensemble of musicians playing the repertoire of Iraq and its ancient Jewish community.

“An enthralling and moving combination of art and music. It is magical.” – Claudia Roden, cultural anthropologist and food writer