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Emanuela Giordano

Writer and director Emanuela Giordano studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and at Sapienza, University of Rome, with a course in drama directed by Eduardo De Filippo.  She started from a young age, writing and creating cultural programmes for Radio RAI 3 and the Third Network RAI TV. For years a performer, director and writer, she has been devoted to directing and dramaturgy.

Her short films and documentaries have been recognised and selected for the most important Italian and European festivals. Emanuela’s latest film The Venice Ghetto, 500 Years of Life was presented at the 2015 Venice Film Festival.

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The Venice Ghetto, 500 Years of Life

Emanuela Giordano
France, Italy
55 min

The remarkable story of Venice, the oldest ghetto in Europe, is reconstructed in this fascinating documentary told through the eyes of a Jewish teenager. Lorenzo, born and raised in New York, is guided through Jewish Venice, exploring its origins and the eclectic panoply of experiences that have formed its glorious history. As Lorenzo enters a world unknown to him, his youthful curiosity melds with a myriad of stories built over centuries of unmatched cultural richness.