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Francesco Lotoro

FRANCESCO LOTORO is an Italian pianist and musicologist whose mission is to discover and record music written by Jews during the Second World War. The Maestro, a film documenting his decades-long project, will be screening at this year’s festival and followed by a Q&A with Lotoro.

Films screening at this event

The Maestro, In Search of the Last Music

Alexandre Valenti
France, Italy
74 min

At Barletta, a small town in southern Italy, a quiet but determined hero has brought to life an entire history of forgotten music. For over twenty years, Francesco Lotoro, a professional pianist, has scoured Europe to discover and record music composed clandestinely in World War II camps. Aided by his wife and a handful of friends, he has archived over 4000 scores, including symphonies, operas, folk songs, liturgical works, and also swing and gypsy music. From Prague to Krakow, from Rome to Paris, this is the astonishing story of a race against oblivion, where each note sounds like a challenge to the oppressor.