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Followed by Q&A with Avi Dabach. Chaired by Rabbi Joseph Dweck.

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Avi Dabach

Avi Dabach has produced and directed over 20 short films and poetry films. He produced and directed the documentary The Last Zionist. Avi also curated and directed the “Musrara Collection” project – a visual online archive about the Black Panthers in Israel. Avi is the director and writer of the documentary and interactive project The Lost Crown and is currently working on two VR projects.

Rabbi Joseph Dweck

Rabbi Joseph Dweck is the Senior Rabbi of the S&P Sephardi Community of the United Kingdom.

Rabbi Dweck is American born and has lived in Los Angeles, California and Brooklyn, New York. He studied in Jerusalem at Yeshiva Hazon Ovadia under the tutelage of former Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef z”l. Rabbi Dweck received his Semikha (rabbinic ordination) from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef under the auspices of the Sephardic Rabbinical College of Brooklyn, New York.

He also studied psychology and philosophy at Santa Monica College in California and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from Excelsior College.  He received a Master of Arts Degree in Jewish Education from Middlesex University at The London School of Jewish Studies.

Rabbi Dweck served as Rabbi of Congregation Shaare Shalom, a Syrian Sephardi synagogue of over 700 members, in Brooklyn, New York from 1999 to 2014 and also served as Headmaster of Barkai Yeshivah, a large Jewish day school in Brooklyn from 2010 to 2014.

In his capacity as Senior Rabbi, Rabbi Dweck has the honour of being the Deputy President of the London School of Jewish Studies; a President of The Council of Christians and Jews and Ecclesiastical Authority of The Board of Deputies of British Jews. Rabbi Dweck also serves as a member of the Standing Committee of the Conference of European Rabbis.

Currently, Rabbi Dweck resides in London with his wife, Margalit, and five children.

Films screening at this event

The Lost Crown

Avi Dabach
63 min

Written in the 10th century, the Aleppo Codex is the most ancient copy of the Jewish Bible. It had been kept in the Syrian town of Aleppo for centuries and was smuggled in the 1950s to Israel, where it was revealed that 200 pages had gone missing. A cheese merchant, a murdered antiques dealer, Mossad agents and Israel’s second president are all implicated in the decades-long mystery. This gripping documentary is an attempt to find the lost pages as well as the soul of the once unified Aleppian Jewish community.

“Documentary filmmaker Avi Dabach brings a unique perspective.” Haaretz