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Chris Branch

Chris’s first foray into movies was in 1998 when his own production company Starfire Entertainment made Labor Pains staring Mary Tyler Moore, Keyre Sedgwick and Rob Morrow. There followed a hiatus while Chris started his own company Momentum Underwriting Management (MUM) in The City of London and following the sale of MUM, resumed his film producing with films starring Steven Seagal, Ray Liotta and Dolph Lundgren. In 2011, he added Documentaries to his list of producing interests and started work on THE LADY IN NUMBER 6: Music Saved My Life, the remarkable story of 109 year old Alice Herz Sommer.  Chris is also the co owner of music publishing company SerieAmusic. He has an honors degree in Archaelogy.

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The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life

Malcolm Clarke
38 min

“Superheroes are based on great people, real people like Alice Herz Sommer.” – Nicholas Reed

As the world’s oldest pianist and Holocaust survivor, 109 year-old Alice Herz Sommer shares her views on how to live a long and happy life. She discusses music, laughter and how to remain optimistic come what may. Alice is unequivocal in stating that music preserved her sanity and her life – while bringing hope into the lives of countless others: “Music saved my life and music saves me still.”

The film features beautiful photographs and rare film footage that truly brings Alice’s extraordinary story to life.

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The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life