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The Jews

original title
Ils sont partout
Yvan Attal
Yvan Attal, Benoit Poelvoorde, Valerie Bonneton, Dany Boon, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Gregory Gadebois, Denis Podalydes, Gilles Lellouche, Francois Damiens
Belgium, France
111 min

What if the father-in-law of the leader of France’s equivalent to the BNP turned out to be Jewish? That’s what a far-right party leader discovers to her horror as she is being whisked around a ballroom in the arms of an ex-SS officer. So begins a querky comedy caper movie from celebrated French-Israeli director and actor Yvan Attal. The film takes off in unexpected directions, revealing a challenging episodic format structured around Yvan’s own psychotherapy sessions as he explores being Jewish with his long-suffering psychotherapist.