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The 90 Minute War

Eyal Halfon
Detlev Buck, Norman Issa, Moshe Ivgy
Germany, Israel
83 min

A brilliant new tongue-in-cheek comedy that attempts to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict via a football match. They have tried it all: wars and peace processes, terror attacks and closures, road checks and Intifadas. After long decades of futile attempts to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there is only one solution left. Based on a successful Israeli novel of the same name, The 90-Minute War ā€“ directed by veteran Israeli director Eyal Halfon and starring Moshe Ivgy ā€“ offers a thought-provoking take on the conflict, and an ingenious plan for a resolution.

Winner: Best Actor (Moshe Ivgy and Norman Issa) – Haifa International Film Festival 2016
Winner: Best Supporting Actor (Norma Issa) – Israeli Film Academy 2015