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Kate Muir

Kate Muir is chief film critic at The Times and previously worked as a columnist for the newspaper in New York, Paris and Washington. She is also a novelist and lives in North London.

Tim Robey

Tim Robey has written on film, and occasionally books, for the Daily Telegraph since 2000. He is co-editor of The DVD Stack (Canongate), a guide to the best versions of movies available globally, and turns up on Radio 4’s Front Row, the Film Programme, Monocle FM Radio and BBC Film 2015. He will discuss Son of Saul at UKJFF 2015.

Films screening at this event

Son of Saul

Laszlo Nemes
Geza Rohrig, Levente Molnar, Urs Rechin
107 min

“By any standards, this would be an outstanding film, but for a debut it is remarkable.” – The Guardian

A masterful debut award winning feature that brings an entirely fresh visual language to this most challenging of topics. László Nemes’ Best Foreign Language Film Oscar-winner focuses on Saul, a Jewish member of the Sonderkommando in an unnamed death camp, who, after discovering the body of his son, is determined to give him a dignified burial. Avoiding the temptation to divide protagonists into good and bad, Nemes paints a disturbingly nuanced picture of the moral imperatives and daily realities faced by all.



Variety article “I had a lot of discussions with the actors, I told them to ban this feeling of self-pity, to bring (their act) down, do less. In a way it’s the most primitive way of directing.”

The Daily Telegraph review “one hell of a debut, with the emphasis on hell”

The Guardian review “a horror movie of extraordinary focus and courage”

HeyUGuys review “takes us into new territory, leading us a little further down into the inner circles of hell.”

Indiewire review “Nemes uncovers a semblance of optimism in the very act of perseverance against impossible odds”

Variety review “plunges the viewer into a hell that exists beyond the limits of comprehension or representation”