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Rock The Casbah

original title
רוק בקסבה
Yariv Horowitz
93 min

“This film is therapy for our entire country.” – Yariv Horowitz, Director

“In contrast with classic Israeli war films, the script refuses to idealize the Israeli defense forces or demonize the rock-throwing Palestinians.” – Variety

“Exudes the punk rock attitude implied in its title, ensuring that the film is dynamic – dare I say entertaining – and not just depressing.” – Film.com

Set in 1989 during the first Intifada, Yariv Horowitz’s fast-paced and tense debut film follows four young solders assigned to the roof of a house in the midst of the local population.

Whilst the inexperienced soldiers struggle to cope with their mission their unwilling hosts live in desperate fear of being branded by their neighbours as collaborators.

A gripping tale told with a sensitivity unusual in this genre, Horowitz’s impressive film won him the prestigious Art Cinema Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Winner: Art Cinema Award, Berlin International Film Festival 2013