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+ Q&A with Israeli humanitarian Buma Inbar

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Buma Inbar

Buma Inbar has dedicated himself to helping others for the last 22 years, since his son Yotam was killed on active duty in Lebanon while serving in the IDF. He works with immigrants to Israel from Ethiopia, with ultra-Orthodox communities, and most particularly – with Palestinians seeking medical care in Israel. He’s a “one stop shop”, arranging everything: entry permits, hospitalization, medical treatment, accommodation and food for accompanying family members – and even livelihood for families that lose their breadwinner to illness. He also organizes Israeli-Palestinian sports events, visits for Palestinian children to beaches and parks in Israel, and clears mines in the Jordan valley.

Up to 1995, Buma was a sales manager. He served in the elite Paratroop Brigade of the IDF, and fought with distinction in the Six-Day War.

Films screening at this event

Muhi: Generally Temporary

original title
Rina Castelnuovo-Hollander
Tamir Elterman
Germany, Israel
89 min

This inspiring and moving real life story follows the progress of a bright and loveable child from Gaza as he bounds through the hallways of an Israeli hospital. Seven years after he was rushed as an infant to hospital with a life threatening infection, he is learning to live with the prostheses that replaced his amputated limbs. Showing extraordinary courage and adaptability that defy the concrete and metaphoric walls both Israeli and Palestinian authorities have built, Muhi offers a rare glimpse of hope.

Winner: Best Debut Film, Docaviv 2017

Winner: GOLDEN DOVE, DOK Leipzig IFF 2017

Nominated: San Francisco International Film Festival