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We regret to inform you that Ram Ben-Barak had to cancel his visit.

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Duki Dror

Duki Dror studied film at UCLA and Columbia College Chicago. His extensive body of work ranges from personal films tracing his own family’s journey from Iraq to Israel, to character-driven feature documentaries, experimental documentaries and unique artist biographies. Among his award-winning films are Shadow in Baghdad and Incessant Visions.

Films screening at this event

Inside the Mossad

original title
המוסד: סיפור כיסוי
Duki Dror
Germany, Israel
80 min

Like the CIA and MI6, Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, has spawned many myths since its foundation in 1950. The tales behind its top secret operations have been the basis for books and films that, in turn, have fed the imagination of fans of conspiracy theories the world over. For Inside The Mossad, former heads and agents break their silence and talk for the very first time about what it is like to work for one the most enigmatic institutions in the world.